Why should I trust a Robo-Advisor? Why should I trust a Robo-Advisor?

Why should I trust a Robo-Advisor?

A "Robo-Advisor" is a digital platform that provides automated investment services. Robo-advisors incorporate technology into investment recommendation and portfolio management. The term robo-advisor can be misleading as humans design the framework for giving advice.

At FLIT Invest, our process to provide investment recommendations is simple. Our advice is personalized based on your investment goals and personal preferences that you indicate by answering a series of questions. Your investment profile is customized based on your age, investment experience, risk tolerance, and environmental and social preferences. We follow a simple mantra as we design recommendations keeping your best interest at heart: your investments, your values.

With FLIT Invest, impact investing is made easy. Set up recurring transfers and invest automatically, starting with as little as $10, into pre-vetted impact investing solutions that otherwise require $250,000+ investment minimums. Your investments are diversified across hundreds of stocks and bonds, including high-impact themes such as Climate Solutions, Clean Water, and Affordable Healthcare. FLIT Invest automatically manages your investments, so you don't have to worry about the hassle of investment research, trading, rebalancing, and tax optimization.

Our team of experts also ensures that managers are accountable to their sustainability mandates to prevent greenwashing and provide transparency about the impact your money is making via in-app impact measurement and reporting. Track your portfolio's impact with your personalized carbon scores and thematic impact metrics and see how your investments contribute to the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals.